My Note

I have had the feel
of the very worst of anguishes,
of sadness dreadfully unbearable,
and sufferings transcenden
the wound might be for ever-

If then, by some merit of virtue in my soul
I do in the Lords will deserve paradise hereafter
will anything wipe fresh the injury-
can anything purge so deadly a stain?

The blisses we desire

The blisses we desire,
in this pained mortality
are like dreams of paradise
which remain as futile visions-

Thru the misery of our lives,
we see dreams of euphoric tommorrows
and when tommorrow comes
we are still eluded futher-

Lofty dreams rapture our imaginings
of the world a paradise, a life of bliss-
and when our daydreams end,
we find ourselves in pained reality-

The blisses we desire may come true,
but short mortality shortens duration,
And at the end of our lives we`ll reflect,
If life was joyful, how does it profit us now—-

Apollo’s Balm (From Celestial Realms)

(June 2010)

Like the Elevations of heavens Empirical Parliament,

Like Silvery benedictions, Ceruleans of Enchanting East,

Whose Opulent liveries furnish bright pavilions of day,

With heavenly heraldries and gorgeous Presidency,

Our Low natures, emblazoned by Wisdoms exalted dynasty,

These Cimmerian feelings are adorn’d with Jewels.

Annotation: In this poem, Wisdom is a Redemptive Power, that illuminates lives like the sun illuminates the Darkest Kingdoms.

Glossary: Ceruleans – The pure blue colour of the sky Cimmerian – In Homers “Odyssey”, Ulysses visits a country called Cimmeria, where the inhabitants live in perpetual darkness.

The blisses we desire

The blisses we desire,

in this pained mortality

are like dreams of paradise

which remain as futile visions-

Thru the misery of our lives,

we see dreams of euphoric tommorrows

and when tommorrow comes

we are still eluded futher-

Lofty dreams rapture our imaginings

of the world a paradise, a life of bliss-

and when our daydreams end,

we find ourselves in pained reality-

The blisses we desire may come true,

but short mortality shortens duration,

And at the end of our lives we`ll reflect,

If life was joyful, how does it profit us now—-

On Death 

Oh birth, that is the entrance to eternity

the beginning of our voyage thru time,-

The soul lives thru the ordeals and

ecstasies of this life,

and death that takes our souls,

out of its familiar mortality,

into the great beyond-

Oh death, who takes away those we love most,

and causes us outpourings of tears and lifetimes of grief

Oh death, take my soul

as it slumbers during a peaceful illness,

and make me part with my world,

without sorrow,

and never pine back for this life afterwards-

On virtue

Virtue is the noblest Creation, a reflection of God,

a pure flame kindled in the soul,

A pure soul, with no taints of ill,

Virtue is constant thru all adversity,

and only virtue sheds earnest tears,

of griefs born in its golden soul,

Indeed virtue itself is gold,

The purest goodness in the Universe,

Virtue enters a beautiful eternity,

and grows forever into time-

By this vast Creation,-

how many glories exist,

which my mind and sight have never seen,

how many realities in their secret abiding,

are unfamiliar to our human ken,

How the Supreme Creator,

reigns over and encompasses this limitless cosmos

while I, in some insignificant world,

write of themes so narrow and limited

I wish I could know much more,

of the transcendant beauty, the divine

and unfathomable,

that exists in God and His Universe,

while my petty life is wasted

in experiences of the finite

As a part of Creation, I wonder-

In the gloom of the cemetary,

I reflect upon the lives vanished from the earth-

Oh record of existance in this life,

Time of the early consciousness

and during the last years of life,

the threshold to the new world,

We weep for that we leave behind,

Tears that are shed at the end of mortal life,

on the verge of eternity

I wish to return to the beginning of my life,

My origin I wish to return to-

and feel the earliest tastes again,

but this wish is in vain,

Oh eternal consciousness,

traverse forever into time-

These familiarities become unfamiliar,

They become a long lost past

Therein lies the deepest suffering of the self-

Such is the sad end of life-

God, warm the cold promise of eternity-

I see visions of an existance beyond imagination,

taking me far into eternity,-

It shall transcend forever,-

in the blissful state,

and love, companionship, and venturing,

The spiritual world and its dwellers,

undergo the divine histories

and are taken far, far away-


We love the brightest sunshine,

and the most illumined world,

of ecstasy in its utmost lasting,

When life seems a paradise

and night too, is lovely,

In this world may we enjoy relishings and euphorias,

and feel the feel of happiness-

Poem on Happiness

The soul nourished with intense glow,

in comfort more than sublime,

a love for the whole universe,

Oblivious to all agony-

and wandering intoxicated as if by a drug,

in euphoria strolling in happy regions-

Emblazonings of ultimate brightness,

the state of well- being intense,

how all the stains of the past,

the suffering all purged,

Gives the feel of purest bliss-

Such is the dawn of eternity,

The ecstasy that heralds its beginning,

is the rapturous felicity,

of the everlasting time in store,

Our light, and Times real morning begun-

The distant past

Time is truly everlasting,

and all this feel of mortality,

will become an archaic past,

forgotten or faintly remembered,

as our souls go further,

into the beyond of beyonds,

of furthest eternity-

Dawn of Life

We have been purged into the dawn of life,

Beautiful emblazonings in ethereal abodes,

Nourished with fresh fountains of pure feelings,

Such is the dawn of life,

the binding of virtueous souls in eternity-

The Muse

I can hold my pen and pause for hours,-

to tap my perceptions powers-

till the papers are all filled,

with poems whose origins,

are the pangs of an anguished soul,-

The Muse is a fountain,

flowing from the unknown depths of our being

No external source is it,

inner life is the most secret existance,

and gives us inspiration in our remotest feeling

to write what no pen has written before-

Garlands on the Graves

The graves are where the dead are thought to rest,

and in them their remains,

and the graves recieve garlands of flowers,

and people mourn at their sites,

though it is not there that they abide,

their souls have gone elsewhere

and discarded their mortal bodies

and they are far from their graves,-

but some do not believe so,

and feel death is a dreamless sleep,

and that is indeed,

the real horror of the grave-

On memory

Ever since the birth of my consciousness

My story has been recorded in my soul-

Going back to my most distant feelings,

now hidden in the depths of the past

Such feelings have an archaic quality,

Time is immense and has forever to fulfill,

and so does my experience-

Memory is an engraving that is never erased-

Hymn to Eternity

Oh distant alien existance

into Eons of golden time

Illumined souls in sheer bliss

Take us thru ages of beauty

to the furthest Eras beyond-


To those who never felt the period of joy

and feel only unhappy miseries,-

for whom life is an unending bondage

who pine for times to relish,-

but feel only an ailing existance,

let them look upon the brightest dawn

and the verses of the holy book

that gives birth to faith,

Then they will envision an end to the ordeal of life,

and the paradise forever beyond-

The Haven

Life can often be a personal haven,-

Moments of intense inner bliss,-

Existance and life seem like a gift,-

and I exult in the ever – embedded virtues of life,

and unravell the night in sleepless Joy

A sense of heaven fills me

filled with joyous thoughts,-

I am nourished by beautiful memories,-

I dream of my eternal existance,

and the endless joy to come,-

and I feel a bond with humanity,

of undying love,-

because from our mortal bonds

Springs the golden love of eternal lives,-

Often waking up in brightest dawns,-

I envision the great dawn to come-

My hope looks towards the everlasting

felicity in store-

The Veil

Misery often blinds us to the beautiful hereafter,-

Our sufferings veil the blissful new dawn,-

If in this life we knew of the beyond

every moment of life would be illumined,-

A pure soul merits purest reward,-

and beyond this life, sparkling euphoria,-

Knowledge of the beyond would fill our souls with



Our souls are sacred, and of the holy kindle,-

We are brought into being to live a righteous


and to preserve that purity,-

because our souls are destined for immortal


that will explore the newest treasures of time,-

if unstained in this life,-

then the soul will be purified to hieghts,

like the making of gold,-

and will merge into the oneness

at the goal of all existance-

Unfamiliar Fragrances

I feel spellbound by unfamiliar fragrances

I wish to inhale for a long time

They take me to enchanted areas

of brightest flowers in freshest atmosphere

What is the origin of these perfumes

but natures undiscovered realms-



Music creates beautiful feelings in our souls

and takes us to ravishing visions,-

music speaks to us in excellent  melodies

composed by genius artists

whose tunes uplift us, as we soar in bliss

Music is best art,

Gold and riches cannot compare to its worth-

A promise

Eternity is a promise

a beautiful new beginning

we feel the newest tastes

of ecstasies we cannot imagine

of a profoundly felt discovery

and feelings most alien–

A Tribute 

One Supreme Being, most exalted-

that vision grasps not,

but every person has His Kindled spirit got,

Hidden deep is he whithin every living soul,

to each has he entrusted eternal role-

To some He is a mystery, to some a faith blind

but those flourish who believe in Him in heart and mind-

It is He who gave the living thing its vital, hidden force

By His sublime decree do planets go on course-

He has created the universe, a boundless infinite sea

It is so large, as can ever be,-

Oh God, may your glory live for ever and ever

Your name shall never fade,- never-


Let me seek the golden time,-

of ages blessed with virtue,-

of joy most beautiful and sublime

where the misery of our lives

is forever gone

All converted to paradise,-

and harps and flutes

of melodies heard in flowery dwellings-

Human destiny goes into everlasting life

where forever in the ecstatic spirit,-

the pure souls forget the mortal life of ordeals,-

the unsure future and the final fears

Consume us till we flee

into final rest and relief-

After pining for those inspired thoughts

which come not to the languished poet

his soul creates the tunes

that become the music of poetry profound

those pages that shine

through historys long ages

the delight for all the sages-

I wish to wander in the most beautiful regions

and write poems inspired by the enraptured muse

on the virtues of existance

or reflections on those gorgeous spiritual feelings

like those that come through the tunes or voices,

that sing the songs of angels

-of heavenly music

Let me be free, and let me go far

into the angelic zones of the clouds

into glowing light and rainbow mists

ethereal dwellings far from this base world

from this misery

As I seek the golden time

I pray for the eternal abode

forever  blossoming  and forever new

whose freshness never wanes

gardens and fountains and bloomings

May the pious in humanity enter-

The Soul

In anguish unbearable does the soul

serve the period of mortality,

O soul, praise your absolute Creator,

in your infancy,

for He will give you,

a never – ending time,

The transcendance into eternity-

In its all familiar mortal life,

does the soul remain blind,-

to the eternal future,-

how then does the soul surmise,-

in its discovery of the hereafter-

The Hereafter

Many people relish in the life of this world,

Yet there are many agony – filled existances

My own life in predicaments pent,

yearns for that happiness,

Faith in my religion is the only hope,-

The hereafter then shines ahead

as the birth into a new glorious world,

The termination and forgetting

of my mortal agonies-


Heaven shall inhale forever,-

increase in beauty

full of peaceful natures

our experience going to infinity

the full scope of love

and beauty-

It shall be free from the stains of mortal life,

from all the injured ways of life,

where we are often steeped in our misery,

All these will be healed,

into the everlasting abode of purest radiance-

A Poet’s Prayer

Here I live in anguish blind

with storms in my unripened mind

as I perish in passing time

I make no sense in verse or rhyme-

I call You in despair

heal my pains and my wounds repair

and as time goes and my pen writes,

let my poetry reach greater heights-

Coming of the future

Glacier views were iced in earth,

the dead objects had replaced nature,

that hindered the poet to engrave simplicity,

of nature, greenery, blossoms and trees,

all past goodness was masked,

Though in the twilight of death my soul shall pine,

against nature converted to artificial power,

May this race towards progress be arrested,

or else make this a kingdom of ice-


Paradise on earth – a feeling of love for all existance,-

The euphoric days and nights,-

Feelings of inner lights,

What essense is this that fills the soul,

With cherished thoughts of existance-

The most sublime of feelings

Exceeding the best comfort

Intoxicated with glows,-

Rising early in fragrant mornings

Collecting bright flowers from the dew filled garden

What a bond with this mortal heaven

How many inner Springs,-

What a brilliant Nirvana,-

What nourishings of beautiful thoughts-

Though ecstasy never lasts through a lifetime

When it fills us, the feeling is sublime-

The World of the soul

From some distant eternity we came,-

From unknown origin,-

We traverse thru the immense Eons of Time,-

till  our consciousness is born,

into our mortal life-

The souls essence is eternal,-

like light diffused in the cosmos,-

pure, enduring, everlasting-

Our mortal life is the soul embowered

Into the human frame,-

and while the grave decomposes it,-

the soul is already freed into Time-

The soul shall traverse thru the wonders of eternity,-

if it is unblotted by iniquity,-

whereupon hell will wash it,-

and make it pure again-

The blessed soul in eternal life,

goes beyond every beyond,-

discovering treasures beyond imagination,-

travelling far into remotest time-

The Enigma of existance

At birth we find ourselves in the brief life,-

and apart from what we are familiar with,-

this vast existance is an enigma and a mystery,-

and we speculate the purpose of it all,-

As stars fill the sky in their pearly glitterings,-

We wonder the realities of the furthest places in the cosmos,-

and know that the purpose of existance is great and divine,-

Existance was born long long ago,

and in the span of Time,

Human history is an insignificant blink-

The Creator willed the universe into being,-

full of the seeds of life blooming everywhere,-

civilizations and many empires,-

in the vast domains of creation-

What is the purpose of creation,

but a purpose great and divine,-

Our human souls live forever,-

All creation shall transcend forever,-

till the goal of the Omega-


Like writings engraved upon solid stone,-

Memories endure in our feelings,-

They cause us to weep outpouring tears,-

or delight in moments of recollection-

Soon this life will become an ancient past,-

but I will remember those faces, those places and those times-

Though my soul will be enstranged,-

from all its treasured attachments,-

They will be the phantom of memory-

Tales forgotten

No trace of their existance remains,-

No scribe has penned their tales,-

These are lives long departed,

from the temporal sojourn of mortal life-

My tale too shall be forgotten,-

and nobody will know that I existed,-

or have knowledge of my unvigiled verse-

The Sage

The sage reflects upon existance,-

and his soul is nourished by wisdom-

He knows that his whole life,-

is a minute insignificance

in the range of time-

In the silence of the night,-

the sage by the lantern reads

books of wisdom written long ago,-

At the dawn as the sun rises

he feels a new day has begun,-

a new day of his life-

The sage knows of forgotten existances,-

And that profound tragedies,-

have been thru time,-

yet for pious souls a new life dawns,-

all past tears are forgotten,-

all wounds healed into a new beginning-

He knows of the transiense of his mortal being,-

as he roams admidst graveyards, tombs and sepulchres,-

and knows all mortality shall pass,-

and he will transcend to eternity,-

to heights unfamiliar-

The sage is closest to the Creator,-

and spiritual existance is real,-

and as Time passes,-

from mortality to everlasting life,-

after the Judgement,-

the sage is amongst the righteous souls,-

who witness the birth of eternity,-

and venture forth-

The Dawn

I watch the sun set in the horizon,-

and the sky is lit ethereally,-

and I feel a sense of peace,-

as the sun sinks in the west,-

As the night falls, I know,-

one wait, and then the glorious dawn,-

All virtueous existance will be reborn in the dawn

of eternity-

Blessing to creation

I have seen the most brilliant flowers,

and the most lovely gardens,

I have heard the most haunting music,

and inhaled the sweetest scents,

I have felt the most sublime feelings,

and invisioned the loftiest realities,

Beauty is the blessing to creation-