The philosophy that guides much of Taimur’s poetry is a deeply spiritual one. Poetry is his passion and reason for being, and provides the spark for him to enjoy his existence and live fully in the realm of his world. Widely traveled and well read, Taimur’s interest in poetry and literature first came about when he was given a book of Shakespeare’s Sonnets by his friend Ali. Taimur’s commitment  and dedication to his chosen profession is admirable and exemplary and his long hours of study and research are more than apparent in his work.

Taimur’s warm and caring soul has absorbed the abundant love and support that surrounds him, in particular by his parents. It makes him who he is today. Their protective embrace has enabled him to confidently pursue his chosen career and humbly produce such high calibre material.

Taimur’s sensitives and insightful nature enables him to translate the glory of Gods creations through the medium of poetry.

His determined and ambitious character propels him to to always do his very best. He has high expectations of himself, whilest simultaneously allowing a process of creative freedom to develop, culminating in masterpieces that are both original and inspired.