Selected poems from ‘Spiritual Balms’ (2020)

by Taimur Awan

Poem 1

There is a Love diviner than life, –

That the throbbing heart cannot fathom, –

Like a lovely glimpse of a distant future, –

Removing the Curtains and Veils of eternal Life, –

The mortal heart is raised to sublimer latitude, –

Like the Pearly Crests of the lofty Stars, –

And this brief Odyssey of flesh forgotten, –

So, she lifted me to this Imperial State, –

And I forgot all the common stains of life, –

And foretasted all the Crystalline Floods, –

That are often denied to this posterity –

Poem 2

Eternal Beauty-

Your beauty, gift and Masterwork of divinity,-

Have kept me in vassalage all my life,-

Yet I have built a Taj Mahal in verse,-

To fortify your memory for all posterity,-

Like the Immortal scent of long faded Roses,-

Generation after generation will remember you,-

Like the ethereal galleries of the Stars,-

Adorned with their priceless Lustres,-

I will rise for your memory, Monument divine-

Poem 3

The mystic, in devout meditation found,-

Scorns all the darkest epidemics of life,-

And soars far above this over darkened bourne,-

And enjoys the divinest opium of life,-

Those vistas, those realms unexplored,-

Give my roving muse her sovereignty,-

Whose Immortal dialects full survive,-

In their eternal Pantheons blessed,-

Like antiquated Lustres full shine,-

Like the beacons of the everlasting Stars,-

And leave a greater Legacy to posterity,-

Torchbearers of those timeless Arcs,-

The bloodthirsty predator, Time,-

Her Jaws spare these Luminaries,-

And a far greater Station climb,-

Above all the towerings of posterity-

~ Spiritual Balms By Taimur Awan