Celestial Realms

by Taimur Awan

This collection of poems by Taimur Awan will take the reader back in time to the classical religious poetry of 16th century England.

The poems are embellished with religious symbols and metaphors all connecting to the theme of immortality. The main symbols of divine immortality are the stars, which are remote, ordered and unchanged ever since mankind can remember. If we humans have originated from a source common to the stars, how, when and where have we lost that immortal existence and become victims to the the vagaries of Time?

Taimur’s love for the Classical period of English literature is evident from his style of expression, which may leave the readers bemused with its complexity. However, as one reads more poems and notices the unifying thread of symbolism, his poetry begins to explain itself. Each line becomes a place to pause and admire the choice of words which seem to flow so effortlessly from the poets’s pen.

The philosophy that guides much of Taimur’s poetry is a deeply spiritual one. Poetry is his passion and reason for being, and provides the spark for him to enjoy his existence and live fully in the realm of his world. Widely traveled and well read, Taimur’s interest in poetry and literature first came about when he was given a book of Shakespeare’s Sonnets by his friend Ali. Taimur’s commitment  and dedication to his chosen profession is admirable and exemplary and his long hours of study and research are more than apparent in his work.

Madhavi Murthy- June 2010